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Ammonia Vessels

Ammonia is a 3-10% more efficient refrigerant than CFCs, so an ammonia-based system requires less electricity, resulting in lower operating costs.

Surge Drums

In-house sizing software developed over many years enables us to manufacture surge drums with an integrated separation design.

We can custom design any type of surge drum with either horizontal or vertical separation.


Capacity of 2.4m diameter and up to 8m long.
Post Weld Heat Treatment as Standard.

Our receivers can also be designed and manufactured for C02, Freon, Air and other low GWP refrigerants.

Intercoolers & Open
Flash Economisers

Vertical separation design where space is at a premium.

Intercoolers can be designed with internal dual chambers where space in plant room is at a premium.

Low Temperature

ASME and PD5500 code compliant.

We have LT welding procedures and materials to suit even the lowest temperature applications. Experience in building code compliant vessels for the cryogenics industry.

Vertical Suction
Slop Pots

Bespoke manufacture to suit customer dimensions.

An integrated oil management solution with oil heater, can be provided on request.

Perfect for smaller plant rooms where access is restricted.

Suction accumulators for Freon applications are also available (with and without boil off coil).

Specialist painting available on all products.

Talk to an expert to find out which product is right for you.

Our product range encompasses all requirements of the refrigeration market. Contact us now to take advantage of our vast experience in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels.