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Oil Management

Smardt Pressure Vessels UK provides oil management solutions to protect the refrigeration system from blockages and capacity losses.

Oil Separators

Oil separators are used on refrigeration systems where it’s difficult for the oil to return from the evaporator.

Our coalescing oil separators are suitable for screw and reciprocating compressors. Highly efficient separation down to 3-10ppm.

Compact horizontal and vertical designs, suitable for ammonia, Freon and low GWP.

Oil Rectifiers

Our standard 10”NB  oil rectifier comes with many options.

Please quote drawing number HR-36105-09 to receive a copy.

We also make bespoke oil rectifiers to suit our customer requirements.

Oil Reservoirs

Oil Reservoirs are necessary on multiple, parallel compressor systems.

They act as a holding vessel ready to feed oil to the oil level regulators as needed to maintain the proper oil level at each individual compressor and are essential for maintaining the proper balance of oil throughout the system.

Oil Coolers

Custom design Shell and Tube Thermosyphon Oil Coolers or Water Cooled.

Suitable for Ammonia, Propane and other low GWP refrigerants.

Oil Filtration

Contaminant removal systems that dramatically improve air and fluid quality.

We have many years’ experience in building oil filtration vessels for Petrochemical and oil and gas markets.

Talk to an expert to find out which product is right for you.

Our product range encompasses all requirements of the refrigeration market. Contact us now to take advantage of our vast experience in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels.