G-Class water-cooled chillers

Capacity range of Smardt G-Class water-cooled, oil-free centrifugal chillers is 45-1100 TR (160-3900 kW). That’s big enough to handle applications in virtually every industry.

45–1100 TR (160-3900 kW)
R513A, HFO-1234ze, R515B

Revolutionary performance

Smardt’s T-Class chillers can deliver an integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) as low as TBD kW/TR under AHRI conditions. And the Smardt T-Class is 30% to 50% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers.

An optional Smardt Lift features allows operation at very low pressure ratios. As a result, the required cooling capacity can be delivered at higher efficiency, reducing power consumption.

Long life with low operating costs

With a 30-year operating life, Smardt’s water-cooled chillers has an extremely low lifecycle cost. Thousands of these machines are installed worldwide.


Compressor and chiller set points can be monitored and changed at the control panel as well as remotely. 

Reduced maintenance, maximum up-time

Smardt guarantees consistent and reliable chiller performance. Magnetic bearings require no oil. Eliminating lubrication systems reduces maintenance costs by 50% or more.  Result: no efficiency loss due to contamination in the heat exchanger and a superior ROI.

Smardt T-Class water-cooled chillers support up to 8 compressors. Should a compressor go down, the remaining compressors continue to operate—preventing system down-time.

Key features and benefits:

An abundance of cost saving measures

Older variable-speed screw chillers require a large footprint on the roof top. They are noisy and energy intensive.

Smardt T-Class oil-free water-cooled chillers, by comparison are extremely quiet. They are also highly efficient, especially at part load. The result: is lower power consumption when running your Smardt chiller. A lot of clients pay back their investment on average within 2 years or sooner.

Your investment in any Smardt oil-free magnetic bearing chiller provides:

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