Revolutionary cooling for greenhouses and cannabis

Smardt oil-free chillers help growers make more money.

Boost yields, scale business.

To avoid wasting crops, plant, fruit and vegetable producers need to be mindful of selecting the right chiller system that excels at providing precise cooling, any time of the year, 24/7. Smardt high-efficiency oil-free chillers  make it easy to maintain optimal growing conditions inside the greenhouse—regardless of ambient temperature.  Growers appreciate Smardt chillers for their consistent performance and ability to meet any load requirements to help keep up with increasing demand.

Scalable for business

Smardt makes oil-free chillers in sizes up to 3,600 ton, with capacity ranging from 5% to 100% load. Smardt holds, by far, the most comprehensive line of water-cooled, air-cooled and evaporatively-cooled oil-free chillers in the world. We offer standard, semi-custom and custom designs that permits Smardt chillers to fit available space. Options for customizing Smardt oil-free chillers include high profile, low profile, modular, split, or condenser less.

24/7 reliability to keep plants healthy and growing

Smardt oil-free chillers are more reliable than conventional chillers.  They use less energy –  30% on average.  And use less moving parts to run. Performance is more consistent. For instance, if a compressor goes offline, multiple redundant compressors keep the chiller up and running 24/7. What’s more, Smardt oil-free chillers eliminate the need for a lubrication system. And with no lubrication system, maintenance is cut in half. And no spare parts to inventory.

Innovators in sustainable cooling

Smardt is a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability. For instance, Smardt D-Class oil-free chillers run on DC power generated by solar panels or other renewable energy sources. Also, when ambient temperatures are low, Smardt’s advanced Free Cooling feature enables more economical chilling by switching off the compressors and using only the refrigerant’s natural properties.

No contamination, less mechanical wear

In Smardt oil-free chillers, proprietary magnetic bearings replace conventional oil-lubricated bearings. So metal-on-metal contact is eliminated. As are high friction losses and mechanical wear.  Plus, there is no oil leakage to contaminate  soil, water, or plants.

Optimal cooling 24/7 for cannabis growers

A smarter way to make your cannabis business more profitable.

Smardt has developed a specialty in helping cannabis growers around the world maximize yields and profits. Which helps grow producer’s bottom line.


Already, dozens of Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers have been installed worldwide for cannabis growers—including some of the largest producers in the industry. 


And as a Canadian company, Smardt knows first-hand how extreme temperatures can affect the quality of cannabis crops.

High reliability protects your pot.

Again, with no fouling to impede heat transfer, Smardt oil-free chillers are 20% to 50% more energy efficient than conventional oil-lubricated chillers. That can mean huge electricity savings, especially in indoor cannabis growing, where many growers run at full load 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Multiple redundant compressors maximize system uptime: Should one compressor need repair; the remaining compressors continue to operate. So chilling continues unabated. 

Features and benefits

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