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Smardt oil-free chillers: lowest total cost of ownership.

Why Smardt oil-free chillers make good business sense.

Building owners who hold commercial and resident properties long-term want a chiller with consistent performance and a long operating life. Smardt oil-free chillers are the answer. Smardt has more than 9,000 units installed—many in operation for decades. And no oil-free chiller is more economical than Smardt.

Smardt oil-free chillers cost less to own

With the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), Smardt oil-free chillers offer significant savings over the operating life of the machine. Reasons why running a Smart chiller is so economical compared to other systems include:

Get Smardt energy savings

Typical size range of Smardt chillers for office buildings is 400 to 1,000 tons. Energy efficiency of Smardt oil-based chillers is 20% to 50% greater than conventional chillers. Which can significantly lower your office utility bills.

A vast selection of water-cooled, air-cooled and evaporatively-cooled Smardt centrifugal chillers are available. Our chillers are well-suited to applications where water supply is either scarce or highly regulated.

Engineered for extraordinary reliability

Compared to conventional chillers, Smardt oil-free chillers provide consistent performance over time. Studies have shown on average conventional oil-lubricated chillers see a reduction in performance of 26% after 15 years of operation. 


What makes the Smardt chiller offer stand out is also its multiple redundant compressors design and performance which help prevent service interruptions: should a compressor go offline; it can be easily serviced while the other compressors are still running. 


Finally, Smardt oil-free chillers are on average 11% quieter than conventional chillers. One can barely hear a Smardt chiller running, a benefit well sought by office or residential occupants. 

Simple installation

Smardt is among few manufacturers that can offer custom configurations including high profile-low profile, modular, split or condenserless options to accommodate tight spaces. 

Looking for a retrofit solution?

Smardt has retrofit kits available. These kits allow you to convert an old chiller into a high efficiency oil-free centrifugal chiller. Contact a Smardt Retrofit Solutions expert.

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