CHINA: Smardt has expanded its global oil-free chiller range to 3600TR with the first shipment from its JV partner TICA’s Nanjing factory.

The first Smardt VX water-cooled machine is set to be installed in Chengdu, China and demonstrates a COP of 6.83 and an IPLV of 11.86, over 30% better than China’s Tier 1 energy efficiency standard. 

It is estimated that the Chengdu installation will save some 260,000kWh and 259 tons of CO2 annually compared with traditional lubricated centrifugal machines.

Smardt’s V-Class oil-free chiller range is now available from 350-3600TR with very small footprints. Smardt offers R134a and R1234ze refrigerants as standard, with others available as options. 

The range offers integrated redundancy and extremely flexible turn-down to 5% of full-load. Other options include modular and series counter-flow configurations.

Smardt systems-integrated design allows continuous chiller operation during compressor maintenance – a crucial feature in mission-critical applications like data centres, pharma manufacturing and district cooling.

According to TICA chairman Jiang Li, the new V-Class chiller for Huafu Jinsha housing complex delivers plant room energy savings of 60%, and a whole building energy reduction of 40% compared with conventional lubricated cooling.

Speaking at the launch, Jose Alvares, Danfoss VP sales and marketing said: “Smardt rigorously tested the world’s first VTX1600 compressors at its labs in Canada and now the Smardt V-Class chiller range goes global, starting here in the world’s biggest chiller market. Danfoss is behind Smardt all the way.”

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