V-Class water-cooled chillers

The world’s largest capacity water-cooled oil-free chillers

300 – 3600 TR (1055 - 12660 kW)

Revolutionary chilling capacity

With sustainability a priority in architecture and engineering, Smardt provides the optimal solution in large capacity cooling systems: V-Class oil-free chillers.

Revolutionary energy savings

Smardt V-Class offers capacity up to 3,600 tons (12,66 MW), with the highest efficiency in its class. Reliability and performance are unmatched in the industry. The result: revolutionary energy savings and a small carbon footprint.

Best-in-class kW/ton

V-Class is ideal for mission-critical, high-tonnage applications including hospitals, data centres, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and district cooling plants. 

Especially in winter, V-Class oil-free centrifugal chiller can operate at extremely low condenser water temperatures and world-class kilowatts to tons refrigeration (kW/TR) values. Many other manufacturers, by comparison, require tube enhancements, controls upgrades, and other costly modifications to approach the efficiencies achieved by Smardt.

Multiple compressors provide integrated redundancy and extremely flexible turn-down to as little as 5% of full-load operation. The redundant compressors also allow continuous operation during chiller maintenance. Other design options available include modular type and series counter-flow configurations.

Key features and benefits:

Unmatched water chiller performance

Many older chillers—including steam-driven and lubricated centrifugal—are designed for full load. However, they operate predominantly at part load conditions, at which their efficiency is low. And their performance can deteriorate over time.  

In sharp contrast, V-Class oil-free water chillers are highly reliable at both part and full load– with quiet operation. This makes the V-Class industrial water chillers the logical choice for applications where maintaining chiller plant reliability is critical as well as for meeting chilled water demand.

Your investment in any Smardt oil-free magnetic bearing chiller provides:

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