Revolutionary cooling for marine

Smardt oil-free chillers help keep vessels safely at sea longer. High reliability and low maintenance maximize ship range.

Smardt centrifugal oil-free chillers enable your vessels to sail the seas more reliably and comfortably.

Onboard chillers are used on yachts, cruise ships, and marine and vessels ships. Also on ocean platforms. Typical capacity range is 150 to 500 tons (520 kW to 1,750 kW).

No lubricant required

Frictionless magnetic bearings avoid mechanical wear caused by metal-on-metal found in conventional oil-lubricated chillers. 


Of utmost importance is that Smardt oil-free technologies does not rely, at all, on any lubrification system to operate its moving parts. This helps lower maintenance cost, reduce part inventory, and diminish the threat of oil contaminating the ship or the waters.

Energy efficient

The energy efficiency of Smardt oil-free chillers is 20% to 50% greater than conventional screw chiller systems. So they consume less of the ship’s electric power. Which in turn can help conserve fuel.

Low noise and vibration

Low noise and vibration reduce the sonar signature of the vessels. Smardt oil-free chillers operates with the lowest dB noise levels.  On average 11% less than conventional oil-lubricated chillers. So, the ship remains virtually undetectable by sonar. Passengers and crew members can work or enjoy their voyage safely and with ultimate comfort.         

Going the distance

Thanks to the elimination of lubrication systems, low maintenance cost and high energy efficiency, Smardt oil-free chillers offer consistent and reliable performance-providing precise temperature cooling.


In addition, mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) of Smardt centrifugal oil-free chillers is about 15% greater than conventional oil-lubricated chillers, which extends the ship’s range.


Finally, redundant compressors within a single chiller also help reduce down-time: should one compressor fail at sea, the other compressors can keep the chiller running. Plus, Smardt Fast Restart feature can get a downed compressor up and running again quickly—typically in 90 to 120 seconds in case of a power outage.


Pulling into port for service

Smardt operates hundreds of service center locations worldwide, many capable and close enough to the docks to perform needed repairs,24-7, 365 days, a year once a vessel pulls into port.

Features and benefits

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