Revolutionary cooling for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Smardt oil-free chillers help pharmaceutical companies maintain efficacy and quality in the medicines they manufacture.

Costly down-time is virtually eliminated.

Smardt oil-free chillers deliver consistent, reliable, precision-controlled cooling unduplicated in the industry. The system enables you to maintain pharmaceutical manufacturing plants at the temperature your products require, from subzero to room temperature.

System availability at 99.9%

Chiller up-time is over 99.9%. The Smardt system has redundant and compressors. When a compressor is down, the remaining compressors continue to operate. So chilling continues unabated. Productivity and yield are maximized. Product costs are reduced.


In many situations, Smardt’s Fast Restart feature automatically gets the condenser back up and running again, often in as little as 90 seconds. Dual-circuit refrigerant, dual power connection, and redundant controllers also help maximize system availability. 


Cuts maintenance costs in half

Magnetic bearings eliminate the need for oil. No lubrication system required. Which means maintenance costs are reduced by 50% or more. Result: a superior ROI and an improved environmental footprint with no oil contamination.

Lowest total cost of ownership

No wonder Smardt oil-free chillers are installed in dozens of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities worldwide. The chillers operate quietly and with minimal vibration, and no comparable oil-free chillers have a lower lifecycle cost than Smardt. 

Medicines retain full potency

By cooling the plant to the optimal temperature, the Smardt oil-free chiller eliminates excessive heat and humidity that can degrade some products and rob them of their full potency—even cause them to turn toxic.

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